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Re: WXLO's New DJ

Ben Levy writes:
> Now, here's my question: The promos were about "The New Guy" starting...
> all through the Pink-a-thon he was calling himself "The New Guy"...
> any mention of any other name. During the Thursday stunt, I thought The
> Guy was a Citadel DJ from some other market, and this was a throwaway
> to hold the space for the real replacement for Geno to be available.
> But, it turns out from mentions on the air and on their web site that his
> on-air name is, in fact, The New Guy. How long until that name burns out?

On the occasional trips back home, I've listened to WXLO and, personally,
don't like the direction the station is headed. I like the job Citadel does
programming its stations down here (for example, WQKA-FM (105.7) modern rock
and the country station they run at 106.7, both based in Harrisburg), mixing
in a diverse group of songs on the stations' playlists, but the direction
they've taken with WXLO is not very original: Just rip off Kiss 108 and make
it a MetroWest CHR station. The sound they had on that station (WXLO) four
or five years ago was very unique and very interesting, but it just doesn't
seem to be really all that different anymore. I especially enjoyed it when
they played lots of '80s music that was heavy in the rotation, stuff you
wouldn't hear elsewhere.