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Re: WXLO's New DJ

No, he was not fired. He did an all-request night on Friday.

Pure stunt, no question about it. What are the odds that the CD player would
rebel on the first song of his first show, and not let up until the
scheduled end of his shift? (While we're at it, what are the odds there is
any CD involved here?)

Now, here's my question: The promos were about "The New Guy" starting... and
all through the Pink-a-thon he was calling himself "The New Guy"... without
any mention of any other name. During the Thursday stunt, I thought The New
Guy was a Citadel DJ from some other market, and this was a throwaway stunt
to hold the space for the real replacement for Geno to be available.

But, it turns out from mentions on the air and on their web site that his
on-air name is, in fact, The New Guy. How long until that name burns out?