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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

on 1/5/02 10:47 PM, Roger Kirk at rogerkirk@ttlc.net wrote:

> "Eli Polonsky" wrote:

>> Bob Nelson wrote:
>> The big difference is that WROR plays absolutely no black artists
>> except for an occasional rock crossover such as Sly & The Family Stone
>> or a Jimi Hendrix hit once in a blue moon. This is generally true of
>> Classic Rock (rather than Oldies) formatted stations. WODS plays the
>> biggest Motown hits often and hits of other major black artists such
>> as Aretha Franklin.
> Strange, I was listening to Oldies 103.3 today (while driving to the
> grocery store) and while listening to "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get" by
> The Dramatics, the same thought struck me -  I never hear black music
> on WROR (used to on Saturday nights with JJ, though.)

When Greater Media started the "new" WROR, they seemed to be trying to take
a direct shot at WODS, and they did play black artists such as Motown, 60's
soul, and 70's R&B and disco hits. Of course, because of WODS they never
said the word "oldie", it was "The Songs You Remember". During that period,
JJ did a Saturday Night Dance Party, which was almost all black artists of
their format era.

When this format didn't work well for them, it appeared that they set their
sights more on WZLX than WODS and dropped all black music and early 60's pop
oldies and became "Rockin' Hits of the 60's and 70's" (now "Greatest Hits
of..." but essentially the same).

JJ's Saturday night show apparently no longer fit in and was dropped. Too
bad, I thought it was a very well-done independently programmed specialty