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Re: Arbitron Wants Me After All!

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001 01:12:05 -0500 "Roger Kirk" <rogerkirk@ttlc.net>
> Today, I was contacted AGAIN by arbitron.  Now, there's
> no mention of Methuen and I AM allowed to participate.
> The fact that my son (who lives in Oregon) works in radio is
> no longer an obstacle to my filling out a diary!  The caller
> waxed eloquent about the shrink wrapped box it will arrive
> in and the "CASH" compensation I will be receiving.  He did
> caution me "not to quit my job and plan a trip around the world."
> It will be more like enough cash for a cuppa joe and a beignet.
> He also promised to call just after I should have received it - 
> Just To Be Sure!  He even told me that "for my convenience"
> there's a box to check at the bottom of the page to indicate
> that I didn't listen to radio at all - lest the tallyers think I 
> forgot
> to enter my daily info.
> Roger Kirk
Okay PD's and GM's, let the bidding begin ;-)))