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This Just About Says It All

While reading a 1970 autobiography by the late scientist and inventor 
Vannevar Bush (who was a member of a certain famous political family), I 
found a very amusing quote about my favourite little pioneer radio station, 
WGI, and the man who ran it.  Turns out Dr Bush and his former colleague 
Harold J. Power (both of whom attended Tufts and worked at 1XE) didn't 
exactly like each other...  Writes Bush:

"Not long after [World war 1], I was consulting for... AMRAD.  It made what 
we now call radio apparatus, among other things, sets for anateurs.  In 
this connection, it broadcast programs so the amateurs would have something 
to listen to.  In fact, I have always thought it was the first to do so, 
although KDKA, the Westinghouse station, claims that somewhat dubious 
honor... [AMRAD] was hence very early established in a rapidly growing 
field, with fine opportunities before it.  Unfortunately, its founder did 
not know much about business management; there was no reason to expect he 
would.  More unfortunately, he thought he did."