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listener survey

    not that i'm saying someone who might be a 
contributor to the list might actually fall into a 
tenuous category to those of us on the BRI list-serve... 
that of someone asked by an entity to participate in a 
random survey of possible radio listenership.
   my mind is fuzzy, but is not a survey participant who 
reveals his/her active involvement supposed to avoid 
mentioning this fact to broadcasters who might try to 
curry favor in this regard?  
   i know that as a broadcaster, i'm technically 
supposed to make known to the survey company in question 
if a survey participant approaches me in order to see if 
there's anything "in it for them" regarding their 
potential for favorable mentions in the survey of my 
place of employment.  
    additionally, i am supposed to avoid all direct 
contact with a known participant so as to avoid even the 
perception of impropriety.
     but am i supposed to also acknowledge the fact that 
a survey participant has made him/her self known to a 
group of broadcasters?  even though in this case it's 
just a very well-spoken individual who is, more than 
likely like the rest of us, very curious to see how 
his/her listening habits might effect a final survey 
period's outcome.
   by NO MEANS am i even going to attempt to question 
the list member-in-particular's integrity.  my own 
dealings with him, on and off-list, have always been 
collegial and courteous, as well as professional.
   i'm curious only as some stations around the country 
have been de-listed because of dealings and/or contact 
with survey participants.

- -Chuck Igo