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Re: Bud Sawyer coming back to radio

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 Chuckigo@att.net wrote:

> Steve pondered:
> >>Seems odd to have music in AM drive & talk the rest of
> the time otherwise.<<
> actually, given the fickle nature of most radio
> listeners, and that is kind generalization, why not?  it
> worked for many full-service A/C stations, albeit more a
> split: music by night, talk by night; it's something
> that the core demo of an "adult standards" format might
> enjoy again.  a station that gives them some memorable
> music, the news, weather and some interesting
> conversation.  worked for stations such as WBZ and WHDH
> in the past, and even here in Maine at WGAN.  add the
> local marquee value of Bud Sawyer...  stranger things
> have happened.

Chuck has some very good points, and let me add that I know a LOT of
people who tune into morning shows because they actually like the
personalities, they could care less what music it is. I worked with a guy
when I worked as a temp at HCI Craftsman in South Portland who LOVED the
WBLM morning show and loved Mark Persky and never would listen to any
other morning show, despite the fact that he hated rock and roll music. I
also know many people that listen to Mike and Mike here in Bangor,
formerly of WBZN and now WKSQ religiously, same with Bobby and Guru here
on WKIT. and I know there are others. Some people don't care what the
music is, tyhey actually do care about the personalities......beleive it
or not!!