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Re: LTAR on the air

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Marc Lemay wrote:

> Without plugging my internet radio station, I've asked Bob B. a few
> times to allow me to webcast LTAR.  Needless to say - my offer was
> graciously refused.  I think it might have to do with Bob retaining
> editorial content and control of the program...I guess Bob would be the
> best person to answer that.

While I can understand that I really do not see too much of a threat
involved. I respect Bob very much and understand that all of his decisions
that he makes regarding his programming are justified.....however I think
the audience for LTAR would grow drastically, especially among members of
this list, if it were somehow made available to anyone who wanted it. And
I think by making it avaiaqbnle on the web it would do the trick.

> Oh...BTW - Bob:  My offer still stands.  If you do change your mind, I'd
> be more than willing to webcast LTAR on your schedule to make it
> available to the masses.  Let me know.

THanks for volunteering for this and good luck, hope you are successful.