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Stooges/Circus Maximus...and FTPee-ing....

In addition to the cuts I've previously put on my FTP server, I've added
some "Stooges" cuts.  (C'mon we're mostly guys here!)

Also, I've put the Circus Maximus song on the servera s well....for those
that want a refreshed memory.

Again, if someone wants to tape LTAR ("Let's talk about radio")  from WJIB
on an MP3 file...I will gladly make it available on my server.


None of the cuts are as long/large as the Woo-woo interview was...they are
all much smaller and manageable.

If that link doesn't work....you can FTP to:

The login is:  boston-radio

Password is:  radiogeek

You might wanna use all lower-case.


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