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Re: Stooges/Circus Maximus...and FTPee-ing....

What Stooges cuts?

5 foot one?
I snub you?
The Passenger?

I'm there

Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> In addition to the cuts I've previously put on my FTP server, I've added
> some "Stooges" cuts.  (C'mon we're mostly guys here!)
> Also, I've put the Circus Maximus song on the servera s well....for those
> that want a refreshed memory.
> Again, if someone wants to tape LTAR ("Let's talk about radio")  from WJIB
> on an MP3 file...I will gladly make it available on my server.
> ftp://boston-radio:radiogeek@
> None of the cuts are as long/large as the Woo-woo interview was...they are
> all much smaller and manageable.
> If that link doesn't work....you can FTP to:
> The login is:  boston-radio
> Password is:  radiogeek
> You might wanna use all lower-case.
> Joe
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