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Re: history of WJOY page

--- Roger Kirk <rogerkirk@ttlc.net> wrote:

> Some Reasons:
> 1.  It costs money and doesn't directly help the
> bottom line.

True, but it can't take too much effort. A dedicated
employee or former employee can put one together.
Maybe they can support it with links to T-shirts,
bumper stickers, etc.

> 2. For stations that have been bought, assimilated,
> sold, merged
> and consolidated - server storage requirements would
> be immense
> and the bandwidth needed to download a page would be
> expensive
> - see reason #1.

Very true.
> 3. Many of  today's multi-mega-corporate radio
> owners have little or
> no pride in yesterday (let alone years past).  

Didn't WBZ let a big anniversary almost go un-noticed

Yeah, those big corporate owners really don't care
about stuff like this--unless it can tie into
the bottom line. Remember a few years ago when
WBZ-TV switched from NBC to CBS? They started
running those TV ads and billboards: "The tradition
continues", with some vintage photos, etc. Liz
Walker was heard to say, "I'm still gonna be here...",
so-and-so would still be here, etc. (I wondered if
they thought we would think that _all_ of Ch. 4's
programming would have migrated elsewhere-- no,
folks, the Ch. 4 news team will still be here,
even if we're carrying CBS shows instead of NBC!)

Sorry for the digression, but am just pointing out
that the big corporations _will_ show off their
"tradition" if it helps the bottom line.

But TV and radio stations that last many, many years
with the same ownership, call letters, etc., are
getting rare these days...just like major league
ballplayers sticking around with the same team
for 20 years...

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