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Re: Eddie Andelman

Eddie's last show at 'EEI was Wed., I think, as it
was Thu. (if I remember) that the news broke in both
papers about he and 'EEI not reaching agreement on a
new contract. The 'EEI contract runs till Feb. 28
but both parties agreed it was best to part ways
immediately (or at least to keep him off the air).

There has been no announcement of a new deal with
Eddie and WWZN; he has said he got offers from 3
stations (I assume WTKK, WWZN, and maybe even WBZ).
We can't automatically assume he'll wind up at 1510.
Some have said he may wind up on WTKK, perhaps
partnered with his good friend Mike Barnicle.

As Eddie is still technically under contract to
'EEI till Feb. 28, we may not hear him again on
the radio till March, unless some sort of deal
is worked out...

--- Hakim Madjid <HMadjid@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Looks like Eddie's already left 'EEI. Because he's
> not on the air today.
> Anyone know what the story is now? Does he start at
> 1510 WWZN right away or
> does he have to wait until his contract with WEEI
> offically expires?
> 73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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