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Re: history of WJOY page

"Bob Nelson...WMWM" wrote
> Anyway...why can't all stations have a nice "history
> of..." page like this? :)

Some Reasons:

1.  It costs money and doesn't directly help the bottom line.

2. For stations that have been bought, assimilated, sold, merged
and consolidated - server storage requirements would be immense
and the bandwidth needed to download a page would be expensive
- see reason #1.

3. Many of  today's multi-mega-corporate radio owners have little or
no pride in yesterday (let alone years past).  The current Arbitron
book and this quarter's nee it the number one concern.  Community
involvement is minimal.  Announcers are kept in an almost personality-
less mode - lest a listener notice that one has left and another has
their place.  Only profit matters.  I'm surprised that they don't put
P&L sheet on their Web Page.   See reason #1.

4.  I'll wager that many of today's multi-mega-corporate owners don't
have a clue about the history and/or heritge of the stations they own.
Most if not all previous employees are most likely gone - replaced or
eliminated as redundant.  See reason #1.

Sorry to be neagative, but any station that had real pride in their
would have such a page.  And it would be short, sweet, concise and to-

Roger "Flames about exceptions - expected" Kirk