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Re: XM Radio

>Perosnally, I think Dick Gordon is doing a fine job...but he's very "plain
>vanilla".  He's a reporter by experience, no?  Which means he's got no

That may be true of Mr. Gordon (I wouldn't know, as I've never listened
to him), but I don't think one can necessarily say that all reporters
have no personality (on air) if placed into a non-news setting.

If you've ever heard "LaPierre on the Loose" on 'BZ in the afternoons,
you know that ol' Gary can be *very* opinionated.  No personality?
Hardly.  But one doesn't hear that side of him when he's reading the
news in the morning.  (Well, yeah, sometimes the tone in his voice
can betray his real feelings on a given story, but he'll never come
right out and say it, at least not then and there...)  And he's hardly
the only newsperson who's ever done commentary on the side, either.

-Shawn Mamros
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu