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Re: WHOM/WPKQ STL Question

>Out of curiousity, where would WGBH fit into this equation?  Aren't they 
>the only Class C 98kW in New England?   Sure, a lot of their coverage area 
>is the Atlantic, but if you were to factor that in....it's got to be a BIG 
>coverage area (I can receive WGBH quite well on the Connecticut coastline 
>in New London...nearly 100 miles from the Great Blue Hill!)

Effective radiated power is only one factor that determines an FM station's
coverage.  Height is another.  Moreover, coverage area does not increase
linearly as power does, while height at least seems to have a more substantial

WGBH's licensed height above average terrain is 198 meters, but the FMs on
the Pru all average around 235 meters, and the FMs out in Needham are 300
meters or more.  And the aforementioned stations on Mount Washington have
heights in the 1000+ meter range (!).

-Shawn Mamros
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu