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Re: XM Radio

I've been chugging through the various spoken word channels on XM such as
CNN, Fox News, XM Comedy, etc and the only real complaint that I have is
that the program level is all over the board.  I had CNN playing as I was
driving around DC and everytime a break came up the promos and sweepers ran
at +6 db above the program level.  I was constantly making a dive for the
volume control at every break.

Its been strange to hear the programming without interruption all the way
from Boston to Raleigh.  The sound quality (s/n, channel separation, etc.)
is incredible.  There is no gradual signal degradation; its either there or
its not.


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> On Wednesday, December 12, 2001, at 04:05  AM, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
> > Perosnally, I think Dick Gordon is doing a fine job...but he's very
> > "plain
> > vanilla".  He's a reporter by experience, no?  Which means he's got no
> > personality.
> That's what I always thought of Dick Gordon when I heard him on the
> CBC.  He always sounded fine but somewhat generic.  Maybe that's due to
> the role I usually heard him in: vacation fill-in guy on most of the
> CBC's best shows:  As It Happens, Morningside and This Morning, Sunday
> Morning, etc.  But those shows are quite similar to The Connection, so
> in many ways he's one of the best qualified people in North America to
> host The Connection.
> Mark
> mlaurence@mindspring.com