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Re: XM Radio

On Wednesday, December 12, 2001, at 04:05  AM, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> Perosnally, I think Dick Gordon is doing a fine job...but he's very 
> "plain
> vanilla".  He's a reporter by experience, no?  Which means he's got no
> personality.

That's what I always thought of Dick Gordon when I heard him on the 
CBC.  He always sounded fine but somewhat generic.  Maybe that's due to 
the role I usually heard him in: vacation fill-in guy on most of the 
CBC's best shows:  As It Happens, Morningside and This Morning, Sunday 
Morning, etc.  But those shows are quite similar to The Connection, so 
in many ways he's one of the best qualified people in North America to 
host The Connection.