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Re: "Sports Talk 96.9"?

But wouldn't SNR reach many more people with a
crystal-clear FM signal at 96.9 (Celtics, etc.)?
Again, my
post was just sort of idle imagining....And maybe
1510's signal isn't all that bad. I'm just noting that
WTKK hasn't exactly burned up the ratings, and
Paula O'Connor's "tiptoeing into sports talk" comment
was kind of interesting. We wouldn't need to have
_three_ sports talkers in town, unless 96.9 were
to wheel and deal with 1510, etc. Then you'd
have 850 and 96.9 battling it out.

And 96.9 did try, unsuccessfully, to get Celtics
rights (and Red Sox rights as well).

--- dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
> I think I'm missing something. Sporting News Radio 
> _owns_ WWZN. >

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