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Re: "Sports Talk 96.9"?

I think I'm missing something. Sporting News Radio 
_owns_ WWZN. Consequently, it's not as if SNR is looking 
for a better signal to affiliate with in Boston. Unless 
SNR has lined up a buyer for WWZN at a good price, why 
would SNR even think of affiliating with a signal that 
somebody else owns and is unlikely to be interested in 
selling. even at a price that could be as much as eight 
times what WWZN would fetch?

Who might buy WWZN? I've heard through the grapevine 
that the lease for the Tx site in Waltham was recently 
renegotiated with the rent going to $18k/month. That's 
over $200k/year, which comes immediately out of any 
revenue the station generates. How many companies would 
be willing to match the price at which SNR must carry 
WWZN on its books--presumably the price that SNR's 
predecessor, One on One, paid for the 1510 signal. If 
memory serves, that price was a bit north of $12 million.
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> The all new Sports Talk 96.9: Imus in the Morning,
> Mike Barnicle, Sean McDonough, Jay Severin (non-
> sports talk but he's had strong ratings), Mike
> Addams, and Celtics games at night. Calling All
> Sports on weekends, etc. While it may never happen,
> I would wonder if this would get stronger ratings/
> bigger audiences than what WTKK and WWZN have now.