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WFEA switch

After just discussing this a few weeks ago dealing with the all Christmas 
Format at WFEA and WXKS-AM and the move on their satellite from these 2 
stations from adult standards to soft hits from the 60's and 70's and some 
80's, I tuned in to WFEA today and noticed they are broadcasting Jones Radio 
Network's Music Of Your Life.  It seems odd to make the switch now after 
doing the all Christmas format since Thanksgiving.  Now Music Of Your Life is 
heard on WFEA 1370 Manchester, WFTN 1240 Franklin, WPNH 1300 Plymouth, and 
WMYF 1380, Portsmouth in New Hampshire.  I believe WW1's AMOnly or whatever 
the new name is can no longer be heard on any NH stations.

Gary Ford