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"Sports Talk 96.9"?

One of the papers today (Globe, I think) mentioned
WTKK picking up "Calling All Sports" and quoted their
PD, Paula O'Connor, as saying this was FM Talk 96.9
"tiptoeing towards sports talk". As it is, Mike
Barnicle has done some sports talk in the past 
(especially if Dan Shaughnessy is a guest) and they've
carried some college sports.

Now, I doubt this would happen but given WTKK's
anemic ratings, just imagine some kind of a deal
between Greater Media and Sporting News Radio:
SNR's syndicated sports talk on 1510, with local hosts
moving to 96.9 (again, this probably wouldn't happen,
but who knows?).

The all new Sports Talk 96.9: Imus in the Morning,
Mike Barnicle, Sean McDonough, Jay Severin (non-
sports talk but he's had strong ratings), Mike
Addams, and Celtics games at night. Calling All
Sports on weekends, etc. While it may never happen,
I would wonder if this would get stronger ratings/
bigger audiences than what WTKK and WWZN have now.

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