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Re: More: Re: [BC] C-NET programming begins on WBPS 12/1/01 at about 3:15 PM EST

I'm not sure where Petersham is, but if the reason that WBPS was operating
on night pattern during the day for part of November was the installation of
the modified day pattern (for which the CP was issued a couple of years
ago), the new day pattern could be the reason. The new day pattern has a
small but substantial lobe to the west, most likely with the intent of
covering Worcester. There are a few reasons for the narrow day
pattern--protecting WMVU, protecting WCBS, probably protecting WLS from
daytime skywave, and delivering the maximum possible signal to Boston. The
day pattern is actually a bit narrower than the night pattern, which
protects only WLS.

If I recall correctly, the day pattern sends the equivalent of about 6 kW
due west. That's more than WEEI or WRKO send to the west by day, and
since the transmitter is also further west, the daytime signal in central
Mass should be surprisingly good. Due to the narrow pattern and the
very efficient antenna system (the towers are almost half wave), WBPS's
signal to the east during the day is stronger than that of any station in
Mass except for WWZN at night. Of course the signal strength in Boston
isn't that impressive because the transmitter is so far away.

As for the C-Net programming, it's 11:15 PM as I write this and the station
has been transmitting an open carrier for more than six hours. Two hours
ago, I called on their toll-free number, which rings in San Francisco, and
informed them. The guy who answered the phone was very greatful and said
he'd get right on it. Told me if it ever happens again not to wait. But they
should not be relying on listeners to thell them that their station is, for
all practical purposes, off the air. I will say this, the audio is very free
of hum.
Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
617-558-4205, eFax 707-215-6367

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> I was surprised the station had a decent signal out in Petersham and
> through my travelling east on Route 2.  However, once I got to
> Leominster, the signal seemed much worse and there was interference from
> another station, which I found one channel up at 900.  Wow, WMVU Nashua
> booms in with a very strong signal at this point and overwhelms the WBPS
> signal for the rest of my trip to Littleton.