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RE: Good Hub FM Raception

At 11:16 PM 12/2/01 -0500, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>On 1 Dec 2001 at 12:21, Patriotsrule417@prodigy.net wrote:
> > Suprisingly, around 8:45 this morning I was listening to WTAM-AM 1100 from
> > Cleveland clear on my radio.
>Adam, I thought you knew by now that long-distance reception like that on
>AM really isn't all that surprising.  Now, if you got an FM station from
>Cleveland ...

Well, on my old Sony MDX-C5970 I routinely got some Maine station on 89.3 
whilst cruising around Allston.  It had static, but occaisionally it'd get 
enough signal to be in stereo.   I never did catch the call letters but it 
was religious programming.

Unfortunately that stereo got stolen a month ago and the Jenson CD/MP3 
player I bought to replace is the worst hunk of garbage I've ever seen...in 
terms of radio reception that is.  I can't get WBCN (104.1) in 
Auburndale/Newton because WODS (103.3) is blowing it out...since the tower 
is about a mile or two away.   That's damn close to unacceptable for me...

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