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Re: News Story

Actually, WABI take quite a bit of its proftits from
local businesses buy spots specificallyl for the local
sports....  High school baseball, football, and
basketball...  It seems to be a very big thing in this
area.  I would assume it is the fact that tge local
business are attempting to drum up family support by
"supporting oura kids".  That, and the simple fact
that it is a long standing tradition at WABI to cover
as many local sporting events as possible.  We are
actually pre-empting Celtics games in favor of local
events and then joining the Celtics in progress....

> the
> only other station as far as I know (commercial)
> that does any sports is
> WABI-AM, which is the only other Bangor AM station
> (unless you count
> Ellsworth's WDEA)
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