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Re: Bruins Network (was: RE: 640 AM Frequency)

No, the 620 in Newark no longer beams east. It used to do so when its TX was
located further west (Springfield NJ, if memory serves). But when 620 lost
its old site and moved to Lyndhurst (very close to WLIB, WOR, and several
others), the pattern was rotated approximately 45 degrees clockwise so that
the main lobe now points across Jersey City, the sountern tip of Manhattan
and parts of Brooklyn. I suspect that the new site didn't have room for a
more east-facing array. Also, because the new site is a lot closer to Long
Island sound than the old one was, the rotation (at least in the day
pattern) may have been necessary to protect first-adjacent WPRO. The lobe is
less than 90 degrees wide, so all other directions (including much of New
York City) are "behind" the pattern and get the most gawdawful phasing I've
ever heard. Out of curiosity, when I was driving through Westchester last
week on I-287 east of White Plains, I tuned to 620 and the signal was one
that only a DXer could love.

Of course, when the Newark station moved its TX, the power also changed. It
used to be 5 kW-U. Now it's 3 kW-D/7.6 kW-N. Five-tower in-line arrays that
produce narrow single-lobe patterns apparently are pretty good at producing
phasing distortion (try 890 as you drive along Route 2 through Concord), but
620 in Newark seems to produce the worst distortion in the largest number of

Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
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> On Sat, 24 Nov 2001 Jibguy@aol.com wrote:
> >        620-WZON-Bangor has great coverage up your way, and to the coast,
> > it does not do well at night in the Bath-Brunswick area or further south
> > (such as Portland),  At night it's a swordfight between WZON and the 620
> > Newark NJ which beams east from NJ.