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Re: Bruins Network (was: RE: 640 AM Frequency)

On Sat, 24 Nov 2001 Jibguy@aol.com wrote:

> Hello Jeremy:
>        620-WZON-Bangor has great coverage up your way, and to the coast, BUT
> it does not do well at night in the Bath-Brunswick area or further south
> (such as Portland),  At night it's a swordfight between WZON and the 620 in
> Newark NJ which beams east from NJ.

Hey jibguy :) Thanks for your answer. I had a feeling that was probably
about what it did. I do know that in the morning a couple of times I have
forgotten to switch from night power to day power and if I forget, about
45 minutes to an hour after I am supposed to do it there is this one
person who calls all the time "You need to switch to the daytime power"
and it's always the same person :)

And to the people who said "look at the coverage maps" I have, but those
are really only accurate for the time they were done, and I honestly can't
find any night time coverage maps for WZON. Doesn't mean they're not here,
I just can't find any....that and the one that's in the transmitter room
was amde in 1979.....I am sure elsewhere there are more modern ones but I
was just curious about it.

Thanks jibguy!