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Hearing WMEX!

I'm visiting in Swampscott, MA, and for the past two nights have had
reception of WMEX Farmington, NH (106.5) on my none-too-selective
DX-398, at times completely overcoming splatter from adjacent-channel

According to the station's new web site, www.wmexfm.com, WME has
"doubled our  power and raised our antenna" and now brags of the
"largest population coverage of any Class A station in the
Rochester-Dover-Portsmouth market.

Well, it's certainly reaching _this_ population, although it's hardly as
strong here as WOKQ, but I'd imagine that's because they're protecting
WMJX. It's an interesting little station -- no announcers in the
evening, apparently (unless it was just short-staffed for the holiday
weekend) and an unfamiliar oldie about every half-dozen songs.
Unfortunately, without even prerecorded song IDs, I can't even begin to
name those songs. Most appeared to be pre-British Invasion. The old WMEX
jingles are cool, too.

So, does WMEX have an air staff, or is it just an automatic-pilot