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RE: digital tv

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Larry Weil wrote:

> At 08:23 AM 11/22/01 +0000, Jeremy Mixer wrote:
> >I guess I am a little confused then. Aren't the digital cable converter
> >boxes converting the digital channels from digital to analog?
> Yes, but Digital TV is a totally different thing.  Yes Digital TV and
> Digital Cable both include the word Digital, but that's about the only
> similarity.  Digital Cable is a bit more similar to DirecTV or Dish
> Network, in that they are using digital encoding to transmit what starts
> out as an analog signal, where in Digital TV the signal is Digital all the way.

I understand what you are saying.....perfectly...

I was under the impression that the "digital channels" that digital cable
brought you were all broadcasting digitally, not analog. I thought that
these broadcasts started out as a digital signal rather then an analog
signal, and it was converted to analog by the converter box that you get
from the cable company or satellite service.