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RE: Evidently, WMass don't matter

On Sat, 17 Nov 2001 Patriotsrule417@prodigy.net wrote:

> Well, it's just, when I am ignored, as most Western Massachusetts' posts
> are, I speak my mind. I'm not afraid to say anything, and this made me
> explode.

Once again, let me repeat myself, it is not because you are being ignored,
it is because a lot of us are not familiar with the stations you are
tlaking about and are not interested in that particular topic. Any
discussion list discusses a variety of topics and not one of them is going
to interest everyone on a mailing list. I have been an active participant
of several mailing lists since I was 15 and they all work like this. I
make posts all the time to this list, I might get a response about 10% of
the time.....I can't let it bother me. May nothing else needs to be said,
or maybe people don't know......