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Re: WDEV- FM (Vt.)

Bill O'Neill wrote:
>(Listed at the bostonradio.org site: 96.1 WDEV-FM Warren (48 2306' / CP 96
>2306'): AC, talk, // WDEV(AM)
>Oh, and much better signal this morning south of Middlebury during "Music to
>Go to the Dump By."  Actually, it was recycling, but who's counting.

I will give them a listen occasionally when I'm up in the White Mountains.
One of the few non-satellite stations you can get well.  Do they have any
discernable format from day to day?  One weekend I heard them playing
mostly oldies with an occasional 80s AC track thrown in, the next weekend
(same shift, same jock) they were kind of AAA ish and some real train wreck
segues (some Bonnie Raitt song I didn't know into the Monkees).  Didn't
know they still did Music To Go To The Dump By, any time I've heard them
Sat. mornings they were doing news or talk.

BTW, where *is* Warren, Vt. (FM's COL)?  My trusty Rand McNally doesn't
show it.