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Re: AM Radio North of Boston (Including a Field Trip to a Real Field)

Laurence writes:

> Some observations after a busy Saturday morning:
I've also noted that WCCM
> comes in better than WCAP when I leave work in Waltham
> at 5:00ish in the evening.  Loos suspicious.

If you hang out by the meter at pattern change time (+/- 10 minutes) and
actually "hear" the change (if it even happens) _that_ would be an
interesting read.   At WCAP, the "Relative Output Meter" at the control
point at the studio show significant gain when switched to night.  That
reflects the increased nighttime power and signal as it pertains to the
towers on Totman Road aside the State Forest to the studio in Dntn. Lowell.
Generally, WCAP will have a better s/n at pattern change and even better
after CH.   I recall noticing how well WCCM traveled with a ND kilowatt
after supposed pattern change or power decease.

Bill O'Neill