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WDEV- FM (Vt.)

WDEV's running print ads such as, "NOw you can 'really' hear us in Addison
County with 25,000 watts of power."  How does 25K get determined by 96 watts
at 2306'?  Also, is 2306 HAGL or HAAT?

(Listed at the bostonradio.org site: 96.1 WDEV-FM Warren (48 2306' / CP 96
2306'): AC, talk, // WDEV(AM)

Oh, and much better signal this morning south of Middlebury during "Music to
Go to the Dump By."  Actually, it was recycling, but who's counting.

Bill O'Neill
"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."
Garrison Keillor