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Re: WDEV- FM (Vt.)

--- SteveOrdinetz <steveord@wavewizard.com> wrote:
> Bill O'Neill wrote:
> >
> >
> >(Listed at the bostonradio.org site: 96.1 WDEV-FM
> Warren (48 2306' / CP 96
> >2306'): AC, talk, // WDEV(AM)
> >
Then SteveOrdinetz  wrote:
> I will give them a listen occasionally when I'm up
> in the White Mountains.
> One of the few non-satellite stations you can get
> well.  

Ah yes, WDEV-FM.  I remember when I lived in Macomb
Hall at SUNY Plattsburgh, it used to drive me nuts
when they were on the air because, on the side of the
dorm my room was located, the signal path for CJFM
(95.9 FM) Montreal (Mix 96) was blocked, and whenever
WDEV-FM was on the air, I could not get CJFM in my
room at all.  I will tell you though, after living in
SUNY Plattsburgh dorms, you learn how to come up with
some pretty interesting FM antenna setups (the
concrete walls are so thick that they are nearly
impenetrable by RF).  I think I was the only student
on that entire campus that figured out how to string
an FM antenna out your dorm window, not get it noticed
by public safety (who would likely makje you take it
down), and get good FM reception.  In fact, a few
friends of mine were so amazed at how well my FM setup
worked, that I ended up setting up similar things in a
few of their rooms as well.  Ah, the life and times of
a radio geek...

                           Matt Osborne
                           Hyde Park, NY

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