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Shortwaver broadcaster shot dead

According to the Sierra Times, Bill Cooper, a Arizona based shortwave radio
 broadcaster, was shot and killed yesterday by Apache County sheriff’s
 deputies who were trying to serve him with some unspecified warrant.
 Cooper’s show "The Hour of the Time" was broadcast on WWCR and he covered all
 kinds of strange topics, admittedly with a very rightwing slant.

 Cooper was the author of "Behold A Pale Horse," self released book which
 later become an cult classic. It regularly appears on Barnes & Noble’s
 interne latert site top sales listings.

 He also published a newspaper and internet news service and was labeled by
 former President Clinton as "the most dangerous radio host in America"
 because he questioned the government’s role at the Waco siege and Murrah
 federt; becauseal building bombing in Oklahoma City. 

 It was later revealed during the Filegate scandal that Cooper’s FBI file had
 been illegally obtained by the White House.

 I have listened to his show a number of times and while he was really out
 there, I found him extremely interesting. For me, this is what radio is all
 about, being able to broadcast and tell the world just about anything.