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It is legal for WNNW to be on the air with reduced power 
from local sunset until approximately Charlotte sunset. 
Charlotte is obviously far south of Salem NH but is also 
quite a bit west, I suspect that WNNW can sign off 1/2 
hour after local sunset in most months. I'm unsure, 
however, whether an early sign on at reduced power is 
permitted for class D stations within the 0.5 mV/m 50% 
skywave of a co-channel Class A and located to the east 
of the Class A. This is the case with WNNW. If the early 
sign-on is legal, it should still not occur before 6:00 
AM local time at the location of the Class D (that is 
6:00 AM standard or daylight-saving time--whichever is 
in effect).
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>  WNNW-AM 1110 has been signing off about an hour after local
> sunset for the past couple of months and not broadcasting an unmodulated
> carrier all night as was the case earlier in the year.  I think they 
> reduce power pre-sunrise and after local sunset, but like WCCM, their
> signal alway drives my radio's needle to the max.  BTW, no matter the 
> time of year, WNNW is always on-the-air at 5:00 am (at least weekdays).