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I live so close to the WCCM tower that if they reduced their power at
night, my radio with a relative signal-strength indicator would still
go to max.  Presumably, if I disconnected the wiring that allows me to
receive distant stations, I could see if there's any difference between
day and night signals.  I'll have to do just that and see what happens.
Meanwhile, WNNW-AM 1110 has been signing off about an hour after local
sunset for the past couple of months and not broadcasting an unmodulated
carrier all night as was the case earlier in the year.  I think they 
reduce power pre-sunrise and after local sunset, but like WCCM, their
signal alway drives my radio's needle to the max.  BTW, no matter the 
time of year, WNNW is always on-the-air at 5:00 am (at least weekdays).

Laurence Glavin

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