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Re: Re: Boston Catholic Television (Was 103.5FM...now \'Memory Lane\')

That would be \"Damn it Jim....\"

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

\"A. Joseph Ross\" <lawyer@attorneyross.com> wrote:
> On 6 Nov 2001 at 10:36, Sven Franklyn Weil wrote:

> > In the older TV tuners, each channel had its own tuned circuit.  It
> > was possible, in at least some...
> Does this apply for modern-day manual-tuned sets?  I have a manual-tuned
> set (with the knobs and the turrets for VHF & UHF) that was made in 1987. I
> wonder if that sort of thing still applies.  This type of set is still
> being manufactured, btw. They haven\'t completely gone away.

Darned if I know.  As Dr. McCoy said, I\'m a lawyer, not an engineer.

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