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Re: Shortwaver broadcaster shot dead

He used to purchase time on WBCQ, Monticello, Maine,
USA when i was working there as a board op.  He was
usaully a pretty good guy but about once a month there
would be some issue with his scheduling, etc.  I
believe he was still on the air up there until the
time of his death.

--- RadioTony@aol.com wrote:
> According to the Sierra Times, Bill Cooper, a
> Arizona based shortwave radio
>  broadcaster, was shot and killed yesterday by
> Apache County sheriff’s
>  deputies who were trying to serve him with some
> unspecified warrant.
>  Cooper’s show "The Hour of the Time" was broadcast
> on WWCR and he covered all
>  kinds of strange topics, admittedly with a very
> rightwing slant.
>  Cooper was the author of "Behold A Pale Horse,"
> self released book which
>  later become an cult classic. It regularly appears
> on Barnes & Noble’s
>  interne latert site top sales listings.
>  He also published a newspaper and internet news
> service and was labeled by
>  former President Clinton as "the most dangerous
> radio host in America"
>  because he questioned the government’s role at the
> Waco siege and Murrah
>  federt; becauseal building bombing in Oklahoma
> City. 
>  It was later revealed during the Filegate scandal
> that Cooper’s FBI file had
>  been illegally obtained by the White House.
>  I have listened to his show a number of times and
> while he was really out
>  there, I found him extremely interesting. For me,
> this is what radio is all
>  about, being able to broadcast and tell the world
> just about anything. 
>  Tony

Cooper Fox
   WWBX- (All new, all hit, B97.1)

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