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Observing 890 and 900 on theAM Dial

Periodically during the part of October that is still in daylight
time I use one of my radios that displays relative signal
strength to observe if any AM's are upping their facilities
to daytime operation before the time authorized.  Damn...
all the AM's lately have been good little boys (or girls).
Lately I noticed something odd:  WBPS-AM 890 (COL Dedham, MA)
has been running with nighttime facilities all day.  Now these
are thge guys who two years ago were going daytime well 
before they should have.  The word is that they're going to 
switch from programming in Espanol to programming in geekspeak (CNET)
on the Fifth of November.  So I'm guessing that WBPS is both
trying to save on electricity and wean the Spanish-speaking
audience from the 890 dial position by not making it available most
of the time.  In addition,  while checking on 890, I could also
hear WMVU-AM 900 Nashua, NH go to daytime power as a result
of the splatter, so today (11/3) I listened to that station
for a while.  Maury Parent came on and announced that the new
owners of WMVU have taken over and Nashuarians therefore can
start expecting changes as early as next week.  Monday the 5th
WMVU will air a candidates' forum from 1:00 or 2:00 o'clock
till 5:00 pm when a new local talk show will be heard. Now
isn't this where WMVU came in when they signed on after the
WOTW divestiture?  Nashua was too small to support local 
talk then;  it's grown a little, but right now AM 900 SHOULD
be transmitting with reduced power from 4:30 on so that only
Nashuarians will be able hear it, plus a bit of Hudson and
Amherst.  So far no info on other types of programs on WMVU;
right now they're broadcasting syndicated talk.

Laurence glavin

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