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RE: WGBH comment on Fybush.com

Well I'm from Chicopee, and I've always called the Boston area "down there"
and our area "out here", and Cape Cod "Down the cape"...


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I worked at "GBY in there early 80's and the GM Jack Caldwell told the story
the calls as:

WGBH    Great Blue Hills
WGBX    Great Blue Experimental
WGBY Springfield    Great blue Yonder

There were plans for channel 35 on Mt. Graylock that was to be

WGBW    Great Blue West

I remember going to 125 Western Ave to pick up a microwave unit.  When I
introduced myself the the "blond"  receptionist as being from WGBY she
responded "oh those call letters are almost like ours"  I told her they
be "GBH owned us.  She said   oh ya i heard we owned a station out

Why do people in Boston think  everything west of 128 "out west"?

That OK I consider everything east of 128 "out east"