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RE: Observing 890 and 900 on theAM Dial

I remember when WMVU went on the air and tried to be a 'regional' station.
They would actually send a reporter to Derry to cover our local issues, but
alas realized the nighttime signal was inaudible. That lasted about 6 months
in 1993 or 4 (I forget exactly when).

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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> Subject: Observing 890 and 900 on theAM Dial
> Periodically during the part of October that is still in daylight
> time I use one of my radios that displays relative signal
> strength to observe if any AM's are upping their facilities
> to daytime operation before the time authorized.  Damn...
> all the AM's lately have been good little boys (or girls).
> Lately I noticed something odd:  WBPS-AM 890 (COL Dedham, MA)
> has been running with nighttime facilities all day.  Now these
> are thge guys who two years ago were going daytime well
> before they should have.  The word is that they're going to
> switch from programming in Espanol to programming in geekspeak (CNET)
> on the Fifth of November.  So I'm guessing that WBPS is both
> trying to save on electricity and wean the Spanish-speaking
> audience from the 890 dial position by not making it available most
> of the time.  In addition,  while checking on 890, I could also
> hear WMVU-AM 900 Nashua, NH go to daytime power as a result
> of the splatter, so today (11/3) I listened to that station
> for a while.  Maury Parent came on and announced that the new
> owners of WMVU have taken over and Nashuarians therefore can
> start expecting changes as early as next week.  Monday the 5th
> WMVU will air a candidates' forum from 1:00 or 2:00 o'clock
> till 5:00 pm when a new local talk show will be heard. Now
> isn't this where WMVU came in when they signed on after the
> WOTW divestiture?  Nashua was too small to support local
> talk then;  it's grown a little, but right now AM 900 SHOULD
> be transmitting with reduced power from 4:30 on so that only
> Nashuarians will be able hear it, plus a bit of Hudson and
> Amherst.  So far no info on other types of programs on WMVU;
> right now they're broadcasting syndicated talk.
> Laurence glavin
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