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Re: Boston Catholic Television (Was 103.5FM...now 'Memory Lane')

Well, Channel 25 may not have gone on the air from the 
cadelabra tower at the same time as Channels 38 and 56, 
but it was the original occupant of the third branch of 
the candelabra. And weren't there originally three FMs 
on that tower too? One was 96.9, which was co-owned with 
Channel 56 and I assume used an antenna just below 
Channel 56's. I think another may have been 105.7. If 
so, was its antenna beneath 25's or 38's? And if there 
was a third station, what was it?

At one point, I believe that what was then still WBOS-FM 
(because what is now WUNR was then still WBOS (AM)), 
moved to the candelabra tower from the 1600 AM sticks on 
Saw Mill Brook Pky. However, I believe that the 92.9 
antanna was on the main part of the tower, not on any of 
the branches near the TV antannas.

Although the candelabra could have supported a 
multiplexed FM antanna like the one that was installed 
on the ex-Channel 5 tower after the old Channel 5 went 
off and WCVB went on from the WBZ-TV tower, I don't 
think that such a shared FM antenna was ever installed 
on the candelabra tower.

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> Channel 38 had originally
> transmitted on The Prudential Tower as well until
> 1969, when they co-located with Channel 56 at the
> Candlabra in Needham, a situation that still exists
> today.