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Busy Sunday (1 day late; Lycos restructuring)

I submitted this yesterday (11/4) but apparently Lycos was restructuring
its website (story in today's Globe to that effect) so it never got through, so
here goes again:

On Sunday morning I set out with two goals: check out the construction
work at the tower site of WNBP-AM 1450, COL Newburyport, Mass, xmtr site
Salisbury, Mass and then catch up on a missed LTAR from Oct. 14th.

OK, first piece of news...WNBP's old tower is gone and the station is operating
through its new (unpainted) tower.  All the rigging is gone except for a
huge spool of cable and there are no vehicles on the site. (Later in the
day I checked my radio that displays relative signal strength and WNBP appears
to be a skosh weaker than when it was using the old tower at normal power
output.  WKXL-AM 1450 in Concord, NH seems to interefere with it just a little bit more at my location in Methuen, MA.  Maybe WNBP isn't broadcasting with full power yet or the signal is now a little weaker due west.)
When I go out to the coast to listen to WJTO, I also check out some Portsmouth,
NH stations, and yesterday, WMYF-AM 1380 was much weaker than usual as I drove
along route 495 through Haverhill, Merrimac and Amesbury.  WTSN-AM 1270, a
few miles farther north came in just fine.  Once again, when I got home and
checked my radio's signal strength indicator, WMYF was non-existent; it 
usually knocks the needle to about one-half the signal strength of WFEA-AM 1370
in Merrimack, NH.  Yesterday all I got was splatter from WLLH's Lawrence
transmitter.  I leave for work too early and get home too late to observe 
WMYF during the week.  But do we have here another station attempting to 
lower electric costs by using nighttime facilites during the day, a la WBPS?

Oh...and the LTAR I missed, show #359 was NOT played; instead Bob came on and said that the LTAR on 'JTO for today would be a REPEAT of show #358.  Hey, it's sweeps...no more repeats.  I thought show #360 was the 
one that disappeared.  Bummer.

Laurence Glavin