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Re: WBZ stereo?

How many watts does 1560KHZ out of NY(radio disnep's
affil) put out?

--- dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
> Radio Disney programming originates in Dallas. The
> Radio 
> Disney affiliate in the Dallas market (I think it's 
> probably an ABC O&O now), the AM 620 licensed to
> Plano 
> (one of the legion of Dallas-area AMs that once had
> the 
> KAAM calls), broadcasts Radio Disney in AM Stereo. 
> Because of the proximity to the point at which the 
> programs originate, the feed _might_ be via land
> lines, 
> so there is no guarantee that Radio Disney actually 
> uplinks stereo audio, but they _might_. When I heard
> that the Dallas station ran stereo, I thought that 
> surely WQEW would run Disney in stereo. From what
> you 
> say though, apparently it never happened.
> --
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> > Most of the stations here in NYC that used to
> broadcast
> > AM-Stereo either changed formats and went mono
> (WQEW was one such culprit
> > when it switched to Radio Disney 1560) or have so
> many commercials that it
> > drives me up the wall

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