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Re: WROR bits disc>?

Lou wrote:

>(snip)...   I think Jess felt a little threatened by Doyle's
>presence.  I can honestly say that I heard more than a couple of
>uncomfortable moments during their morning broadcast.  ...(snip)
Back in 105.7's WVBF days, they made a big thing of snagging Tom Doyle and his "Pal Joey" for PM drive (Mary McCahthy was there then, too). In an interview with Norma Nathan (I think) at that time, Tom's wife Sheila said as much. To my knowledge, Tom himself has had little to say about the experience. 

The few weeks before he left 'VBF for the WEEI gig, Tom worked mornings with Loren & Wally and Christian Paul. I remember thinking that if Chris Paul ever left Tom would be a great addition to the Lorn & Wally Show... There was some kind of chemistry even then.

BTW, Who else from the old Jess Cain years at 'HDH, especially in the AM, have ended up working w/ Loren & Wally over the years? I know of Officer Bill Connell, Nick Mills, and Doyle.

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