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All of the radio news from the Springfield area

Since I have a lot to say, I'll summarize it in one message.

Mix 93.1 (WHYN) is definitely taking a turn to Top 40, getting rid of some
of the light stuff and adding people like Alicia Keys. But, they are still
playing some older stuff (e.a. 80s, 90s).. what would you consider a station
that plays close-to-today's top 40 (kinda like mix 98.5's new music format)
mixing it with older stuff? Hot AC doesn't work for me anymore.

WKSS (Kiss 95.7) is now using the like nickname type thing "playing all of
today's hit music.. Kiss 95.7" . Since the inception of Hot 93.7, they have
definitely turned back towards Top 40.. getting rid of most of the hip hop
and adding stuff like Michelle Branch, Incubus, Staind..

DXing last night was weird. I got Lite Rock 105 (from Providence?) last
night very well. I got WXKS and the Long Island stations well too.