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Re: Boston Safe For Ten More Years

lglavin said that...

>rronline.com reports that Boston has
>moved down the food-chain, but is safely ensconsed at >number eight.  I
>thought Atlanta and Houston might surpass Boston but >it didn't happen (all
>uncounted illegals in TX).

Actually neither happened.  Boston did not move down the food chain - the metro population went up by 130,000 and the rank (#8) was unchanged, as noted.  

Dallas-Forth Worth (#6-#5) moved ahead of Philadelphia (#5-#6). Washington DC moved ahead of Boston (#9-#7), but Detroit (#7-#10) fell behind Boston and Houston (#10-#9).

Ten years is not a factor in market rank.  Arbitron revises population estimates every fall, so positions can change again a year from now.