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RE: All of the radio news from the Springfield area

Frm Adam:
> playing some older stuff (e.a. 80s, 90s)..

Say it ain't so.....please don't call 80s-90s 'older stuff'....that's what
the 50's/60's are! (were?) Gosh do I feel old....

> WKSS (Kiss 95.7) is now using the like nickname type thing "playing all of
> today's hit music.. Kiss 95.7" . Since the inception of Hot 93.7,
> they have
> definitely turned back towards Top 40.. getting rid of most of the hip hop
> and adding stuff like Michelle Branch, Incubus, Staind..

What's WTIC-FM 96.5 (96TIC-FM) playing these days....I thought they were
Hartford's Top 40 station...(Used to pick up quite frequently in Southern NH
before WOXF Bedford (now WQLL) went on the air in...was it 1995? I already

> DXing last night was weird. I got Lite Rock 105 (from Providence?) last
> night very well.

Yes, 105.1 in Providence is Lite Rock (WWLI).

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH