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Re: WLTI/WJUL looking for alumni

> Just thought I'd pass this along.  If you are, or know someone who is a
> WLTI or WJUL (Lowell Tech/UMass Lowell) alumni they are planning a 50th
> anniversary reunion next year.  Just have them log onto the WJUL website
> and follow the instructions to get on the mailing list for info
> Thanks
> Dave
> http://wjul.cs.uml.edu/

The 30th was at the Lowell Hilton (now Doubletree) and brought alums from as
far as the west coast.  I know that there's a lot of work going into
rounding up the dozens of alumni.  Twenty years ago, the lack of email made
the job more of a challenge.  From what I can recall of that evening <plead
the 5th> the DJ's for the event were Tommy Carbone and the late Rich Buono
(former Producer for Matty at Kiss.)  Talk about a tough room - trying to
entertain a bunch of radio types.

Bill O'Neill