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Re: WMBR alum

"pete lee" wrote:
> I am curious what happened to "Roger the K" who had a great Thursday show
> on WMBR. Also Matt Starr who had a 6 to 8pm Tuesday program. At one time I
> worked 6 1/2 day week with Tuesday afternoon off and loved to listen to
> Eli and then later Matt Starr.

Matt still lives in the area; I saw him at the MBR 40th anniversary party
we had back in April.  Used to love listening to his show, which had one
of the tougher-to-pronounce names around: "The Molybdenum Vault of Lost
Soul Oldies".

Don't know where Roger is these days; perhaps Eli (who's posted here a
few times) knows?

"RadioTony" wrote:
>I used to love this show called "The Flame Sessions"
>which aired every other Saturday night during the late
>1980s. I don't know the guys who did that show, but they
>were really funny. They would have different characters
>come on the air and stuff. I still have the last show or
>two they did on tape. My girlf at the time hated the 
>show but I thought it was hilarious. Has anyone else
>heard the show?

Flame Session was started by Jon Bernhardt (who also did, and still does,
one of the morning Breakfast of Champions shifts) and Larry Kolodney.
Jon left the show, and then Larry continued it with a few other guys
(whose names escape me at the moment) until it ended its run.  Aside
from Jon, I haven't seen anyone else affiliated with the show in a long

That show, and the even-later Saturday night show "The Asylum", were two
of the wildest shows we ever aired.  I don't know if we could get away
with doing anything like either of those these days...

-Shawn Mamros (an Asylum hanger-on towards the end)
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu